Eddie Van Staden – Group Tax & Risk – Esor Construction

Of course I have now read the book and have to thank you for the gift. I really love this type of book.

My comments:

Nico van der Merwe Snr – Founder and head of the HASS Group which includes the Ear Institute and author of “What Does God Know About Business?”

Finally I had time to read your brilliant book! To put my comment in a nutshell – I really wish I had such a practical guide when I started out in business. It would have saved me a lot of money, headaches and tears. Well done!

Peter Rodseth – Managing Director – Utility Systems

I must compliment you on an excellently written, easy to read yet insightful publication. I have been in business as an entrepreneur many years and I find it interesting and extremely relevant. It has really captured and simplified a lot of the important thinking involving the key elements of business and is a wonderful practical guide.

My son has just commenced his B Com studies and will give him this to read. It will be an excellent work to give him a good overall view of business and how it works, so it will appeal to both ends of the spectrum.

Well done Brian. I wish you well with this endeavour. Thank you for giving me a copy.

Dr Garth Japhet – Founder and CEO – Heartlines

I have read you book, I think it’s excellent. I particularly like your use of extensive quotes. Well done!!

I will certainly try and promote this through my networks.

Petro Bothma – Programme Manager SME Toolkit South Africa – Business Partners

I enjoyed reading and working through this book. It is well written, easy to understand and full of practical, implementable advice. The book provides notes pages, as well as space to complete self-assessments on some of the material.

Topics covered include among others:

From the mouth of the author, Brian Adams: “Hundreds of books have been written about starting and running businesses and I’ve read quite a few of them over the past thirty years … I have tried to fast track things for you by cherry picking the timeless gems … I have tried to weave the lessons learned with my own experiences to produce a tapestry which I hope will be of value …

Seth Baise – Learning & Development Specialist – South African Breweries

I had the opportunity to read your book on Friday night (overnight flight from Lagos to JHB) and I have to say I was impressed.

I loved the style in which the book was written and richness from the various quotations and references.

I felt it had excellent practical advice (starting up CC/Ptys etc.) and feel it could go a long way in providing direction and examples to many.

Evelyn Kelsey, Johannesburg

As a recently retired primary school teacher who has never had any entrepreneurial inclinations or opportunities, I found the contents both inspiring and practical.

Brian Adams offers advice on accessing finance, slaying your fears and gathering courage, taking up opportunities when they arise, and sound strategy for businesses small and large.

I had never considered a career after retirement, but now with the dynamic example of the ladies I teach and the practical inspiration from Brian Adams, I’m thinking “OF COURSE YOU CAN!”

Thank you Country Life for a great magazine and a serendipitous prize. I wonder where it will lead me?

Susan Donnison – Synergism

I found it to be very easy to read – clear and concise with very practical examples which I think will help any entrepreneur at any level to use the information in a productive manner.

Doris Viljoen – Project Leader University of Stellenbosch Business School – Executive Education

I had time to read your book and I want to congratulate you on putting together very useful guidelines for prospective and existing business owners.  Well done!

Costa Mitchell – National Director – Association of Vineyard Churches Africa

I have so enjoyed it, not least because you say so many of the things, and quote so many of the same authors, that I say and quote myself! But that’s not the only reason! You have a unique and inviting style, and what I have loved is how you weave your own story in to illustrate the principles you list. I also think you balance the book well between the four parts, although by definition the last part has the most detail and therefore volume. The style I mentioned above is conversational and light, with a good amount of humour (and your illustrator is a genius!)

If I could have wished for more from you, it would be to trust your own experience, life lessons and advice more than you seem to do. Not that you are old, you understand 😉 but you have enough grist to your own mill that means you can “land” the principles you teach more confidently and even quote others less. Quite a few times I found myself gripped by something you were teaching, and then it got kind of interrupted by you quoting another authority, when I think you had more to say from your own wealth of knowledge and it would have been more relevant. I think that in due course others will be quoting what “Brian Adams says” as much as you quote and give credit to the luminaries you do!

But that is not a serious weakness, nor a criticism; Just a preference. I think you have produced a gem of a book, and it will inspire many with the very timely passion you have for entrepreneurship and confidence to lead in our nation.

Grant Paarman – Rondebosch Boys’ High School

Grant has been so positive about your book – he found it (particularly the second half) inspirational and at the same time, full of practical and helpful advice. The information contained is accessible and Grant enjoyed the emphasis on important character traits such as integrity, discipline etc. He said that he had actually read it twice, which is a sure indication of its appeal.

He also found the Appendices very interesting and felt that Appendix 1 should be prescribed reading for every parent!

Jane Harker – Librarian, Rondebosch Boys’ High School

Up to now, I have only read parts of your book … but have been so impressed with the simple and engaging way you have managed to incorporate some fundamental life lessons into the fabric of the business and management topics covered in your book. I shall be promoting Of Course You Can! in Library lessons next term, and I am sure it will find many interested readers – boys generally are very keen on making money!

Many thanks again for the copies you donated to RBHS, and congratulations on a very practical and inspirational book.


Nicole Bollman

I left today’s workshop feeling motivated, ready to implement the points I learnt and cannot wait for session 2 of this intense yet informative workshop.

Jessica Chaplin

I found it very insightful and inspiring … and I really admire your enthusiasm for life and your perseverance through some of the challenges you encountered along your journey